Tree Trimming Calgary

Tree Trimming Service for Calgary

Maintaining the health of your trees requires trimming them regularly.

When trees and shrubs are pruned properly, it can be beneficial for them. This can help the tree stay healthy and influence its growth direction. Additionally, it can make the tree look more attractive.

Trimming can also serve as a safety measure by removing branches that are low-hanging, split, broken, or whip-like, which can cause harm or damage. It is also important to clear walkways, sidewalks, doorways, and parking areas of any overgrowth from trees to ensure the safety of people and vehicles passing by. 

It is essential to trim trees that are near roads to ensure that they do not obstruct the view of drivers or pedestrians. Failure to do so can result in significant fines in certain areas. Additionally, to maintain the tree's health, it is crucial to remove any branches that are dead, diseased, or damaged by storms.  
Tree Trimming Calgary

When You Should Trim Your Trees

By periodically cutting and shaping trees, their future development can be directed. Pruning can halt growth in certain areas while promoting it in others, allowing trees to be trained to withstand harsh weather conditions and support heavy loads.   

Although tree trimming can be done at any time, there are certain periods that are ideal for specific types of trees. During the onset of Spring, when trees are beginning to awaken from dormancy, it is a good time to redirect new growth. If the tree is of the flowering variety, it's best to wait until after the blooming season to prune. Summer is an opportune time to thin out the tree or shrub, due to the decreased growth activity and the presence of foliage which makes it easier to determine where to cut. It's important to remember that frost can cause damage to freshly trimmed areas, so it's crucial to consider this when deciding when to prune.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about tree pruning or concerns about their health. Our team is passionate about trees and is always ready to assist you in any way we can. Whether you notice any structural issues or changes in the tree's condition, we are here to analyze the situation and provide recommendations. Additionally, we offer a free quote for our services. To learn more about our Tree Services, give us a call at 587.612.5041. Consulting with an Arborist can also help determine the best season to trim your trees based on their species and the purpose of pruning.